About us


Golden Reference Trading is health care provider founded in Jordan since 2004. We are a member of a group of companies, working in Jordan, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. Golden Reference Trading is a leading healthcare, beauty care, prestige medical devices and fast moving consumer goods company responding to the growing needs of the Jordanian and Middle East communities. The Company's core activities are import, distribution, promotion, marketing, service, training and consulting services Today, Golden Reference Trading has established a special position in the Jordanian marketplace, resulting from a unique approach to business, service and customer portfolio. Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, Golden Reference Trading serves many of the world's leading companies through various agreements, partnerships, and joint ventures.




To be a regional leader in health care, wellness, beauty and prestige medical devices meeting the needs of community today and building capabilities to meet the needs of future generations.


Is to drive the development and early implementation of innovative medical devices and diagnostic tests that have a high impact on patient care and disease control in low-resource settings


Ethics, professionalism, quality of service, innovation and trust - these are the key elements that set the Golden Reference Trading's core values. The Company brings an unusual degree of added value to the services it provides for its partners in Jordan. This added value is inspired from a deep understanding of the market, sophisticated management information, state-of-the-art facilities, and above all, from professional relationships, relationships that uniquely expose Golden Reference Trading to various business cultures around the world which ensures continuous learning, development, and progress.

Social Responsibility

Realizing its responsibility towards the local community, Golden Reference Trading is keen to develop and enrich its corporate social responsibility through initiating and supporting different projects that focus on leveling up the health, education, and awareness of different categories of the community. Based on that commitment, Golden Reference Trading is actively involved in health education programs with universities, public and private hospitals. Additionally, Golden Reference Trading has collaborated with its partners in awareness campaigns for different diseases, including respiratory diseases, diabetes, obesity, anti-smoking and cancer campaigns.






  • 1 - Critical Care
  • 2 - Respiratory Care
  • 3 - Consumable & Disposable items
  • 4 - Pharmaceutical & General items
  • 5 - Home use medical devices
  • 6 - Medical outlet
  • 7 - IT Solutions






Home Care

High standards and quality of service made a very good reputation for us in this business line.







  • 1 - Specialized well trained engineers.
  • 2 - Service Coordinators
  • 3 - Hospital and Home service provider
  • 4 - Call center
  • 5 - Medical and managerial consulting
  • 6 - Training courses for biomedical engineers
  • 7 - Marketing consulting in healthcare sector




Our Products


  • •  Ventilators
  • •  Oxygen concentrators
  • •  Sleep apnea devices
  • •  Pulse oximetry
  • •  Patient monitors
  • •  Vital signs monitor
  • •  Medical furniture
  • •  Dialysis chairs
  • • Blood donor chairs
  • •  Respiratory consumables
  • • Blood pressure devices
  • •  Thermometers
  • •  picture archiving and communication
       system (PACS)
  • •  Blood glucose monitoring systems
  • •  Insulin pen needles and insulin syringes

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